Getting The Most Out Of Your Pump and Fan Systems

You might be astounded by how much energy can be saved by improving the pump and fan components in your large buildings.

At Bishop Site Service, we often find that a mere 20 per cent drop in speed of centrifugal pump and fan can save as much as 50% in energy.

That’s not a typo.

But it is a sobering thought and, what’s more, it’s a fact that many buildings are still using traditional mechanical devices to control system flow. Change that and you have considerable potential for saving energy.

The status quo is generally this: Many heating, cooling and ventilation distribution systems operate at a constant flow rate, even though peak demand may only be required for a few hours. The conventional response to meeting the changing demand for heating and cooling within a building is to restrict flow to individual rooms, while maintaining peak flow in the central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. However, through the use of this approach, considerable energy is used and equipment lifetime is shortened.

A much better approach is to use a variable speed drive on HVAC pump and fan to vary air or water flow to meet more precisely changing load demands.

That’s where Bishop Site Service comes in.

We’ll be able to advise you on how to tap into the amazing savings possible by using the best pump and fan systems. Far too many pumps and fans run continuously at full speed, for one thing. But variable speed drives are designed for optimum energy efficiency.

For example, for variable speed drive retrofits, we advise that the pump and fan are the best applications to address. And the best way of determining the cost effectiveness of a potential variable drive retrofit is to look at the power needed – with or without a variable speed drive.

Then power energy savings can be estimated. This process often involves an energy audit. In order to reduce energy costs, we need to evaluate how a building uses energy and then look at how we can make it more efficient. Before you can actually make the savings you want, you need to find out just what your current energy usage is.

Not only can we help you sort out where energy can be saved, but we can quantify how much energy can be saved with the installation of variable speed drives. These figures are then translated to estimate how much money can be saved, in energy bills alone, if the equipment is installed.

That’s just one example of what Bishop Site Service brings to the table. There are varying levels of support available, but all are geared to helping you increase the efficiency of your fan and pump systems.

When initiating a no-obligation consultation with Bishop Site Service, some basic points to consider would include:

  • Improving fan components;
  • Monitoring fan systems;
  • Reducing flow resistance in fan systems;
  • Using high-efficiency fan blades;
  • Maintaining your pump system and replacing components if necessary;
  • Reducing overall pump system requirements;
  • Installation of variable speed drives;
  • Or looking at how energy management systems can help.

From that point on, Bishop Site Service can begin guiding you through concerns that are often overlooked. We’ll l help you improve your operation, while uncovering inefficiencies and opportunities to save money.

Looking for an electrical contractor local to Brantford and surrounding area? Contact Bishop Site Services today.