Why it pays to have lighting control in your house.

It’s a no-brainer, actually – installing an automated lighting control system in a home is not only convenient, but it definitely saves money, conserves energy and provides an added layer of security.

And, at Bishop Site Services, we feel that our product line, from Lutron, is exactly what’s needed to guarantee a dramatic lifestyle enhancement.

There are so many ways that light affects us all. Our moods, whether we realize it or not, experience subtle changes, depending on the amount and quality of light. Light creates an atmosphere – from low-level when it’s time to get some rest, to a brighter version to provide more energy. Conversely, more light can be mood elevating, while dimmer light can be relaxing.

Those are just a few of the most basic reasons to seek out an automated lighting control system that turns lights off and on with a timer.

Home Automation Made Easy

With a Lutron solutions, Bishop Site Services can find the perfect complement to your home’s automated lighting control needs. And, as approved Lutron installers, we leave no stone unturned.

Lutron, in fact, has a product line to suit any requirement. There are solutions for all of the following areas: Home theater/family room, home office, patio, kitchen, family room, basement, child’s room, condo/townhouse, senior living, utility room, new home, remodeling/retrofit, single room, multi-room … or an entire home.

A specialist from Bishop Site Services will address each individual situation, then recommend the appropriate Lutron product. It’s that easy.

Any way we look at it, home automation is practically a necessity in this day and age, and the benefits are many.

Beyond the mood-altering effects, it’s important to have lamps on a set schedule, lamps that can be checked on and controlled with a mobile device while the house is empty. No one wants to return home to find a burglary has taken place.

The money-saving aspects are considerable. How often do we go into a room, leave and then forget to turn off the light? That would no longer happen with occupancy sensor lights, which automatically turn on when people enter a room, and then turn off when they leave.

The use of outside sensors creates a sense of safety and well-being, as well. Sensors that turn on automatically at dusk, or flood an area with light if a passerby enters an area, can definitely discourage any potential intruder. Not only that, but having lights automatically turn on inside the house, has a similar calming effect.

One thing’s for sure: With a Lutron automated light control system, utilizing dimmers, sensors and timers, you can definitely control both the atmosphere and safety in your home.

Call Bishop Site Services to make your smart home dreams a reality.