Step into the future today with home automation

Home automation is the next big step into the future and the answer to living in a smart home.

It’s one of the most significant new trends in digital innovation. Transitioning to a smarter home can improve your control over every aspect of how your living space operates and increase safety and accessibility, as well.

Not to be overlooked, you will be able to reap the benefits of a more energy-efficient home, leading to substantial savings along the way.

At Bishop Site Services, we have aligned with the prestigious Lutron brand, as an approved installer of their home automation products. We would like nothing more than to help you make the transition to a smart home system – anywhere from basic lighting modifications to a full advanced RadioRA 2 wireless system to coordinate control of the entire home.

Lighting control
Installing automated lighting controls in a home is not only convenient, but it definitely saves money, conserves energy and provides an added layer of security.

There are so many ways that light affects us all. Our moods, whether we realize it or not, experience subtle changes, depending on the amount and quality of light. Light creates an atmosphere – from low-level when it’s time to get some rest, to a brighter version to provide more energy. Conversely, more light can be mood elevating, while dimmer light can be relaxing.

Those are just a few of the most basic reasons to seek out an automated lighting control system that turns lights off and on with a timer.

With Lutron solutions, Bishop Site Services can find the perfect complement to your home automation lighting controls.

Lutron, in fact, has a product line to suit any requirement. There are solutions for all of the following areas: Home theater/family room, home office, patio, kitchen, family room, basement, child’s room, condo/townhouse, senior living, utility room, new home, remodeling/retrofit, single room or multi-room.

Window shades
Getting motorized window shades or blinds for your home makes perfect sense in a variety of ways.

Right off the top, there’s the convenience factor. Then you can consider safety, energy efficiency, space maximization and comfort. Looking at each motorized window treatment option will help you make an informed decision moving ahead.

There’s something for every window need. Here are some of the Lutron product types available: roller shades, horizontal sheer blinds, draper systems, fashion pleated shades, Roman shades, wood blinds with independent control or lift and tilt, fashion honeycomb shades, tensioned shades, and cable guided shades.

Caséta wireless
If you live in an apartment, smaller home or condominium, finding connected comfort is much closer than you may think.

With a Caséta wireless system by Lutron, you have the perfect foundation for creating a connected home system. You can monitor and control lights – as well as window shades and temperature – from anywhere. You can be in touch with your home with or without an internet connection.

It’s a wireless mini-system that’s ideal when you want individual control in a single room or smaller living space, and the experts at Bishop Site Services can do the installation in just a few minutes.

Once you have the system up and running, you can seamlessly expand beyond lighting to other connected home solutions.

Whether you’re just starting out or adding to your existing Caséta setup, Bishop Site Services’ specialists can help you personalize your lighting and, essentially, upgrade your life.

RadioRA 2
This is a wireless system that’s ideal for a few rooms – or an entire home, up to 5,000 square feet.

That’s definitely saying something about this high-end Lutron product – RadioRA 2.

This energy-saving system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light, as well as temperature. It even turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use.

You’re not only investing in a system that will enhance your life, you’re also making a conscious choice to lessen your environmental impact.

Besides adding convenience to your daily life, the experts at Bishop Site Services will show you the many advantages of this total home control system. You’ll end up with the perfect atmosphere, always, when you need it and where you want it.

RadioRA 2 keypads, dimmers, wall controls and accessories come in a variety of color palettes, while shades are available in many styles and fabrics. You can even choose colors and fabrics to complement a room’s look and feel, to coordinate with the style of your home.

You can add temperature control to RadioRA 2 for increased convenience and energy savings.
You can also control the thermostats from mobile devices, so you can conveniently adjust temperature even when you are away from home.

Choose from a variety of wireless components to customize and grow your system from a single room to a whole home. RadioRA 2 also works directly with shades and drapes, to ensure an ultra-reliable wireless communication between components.

The specialists at Bishop Site Services will show you how RadioRA 2 provides control from universal remotes, home automation systems, mobile devices … and more.

More upside
While some technologies are only in early development, the future is already here when it
comes to smart homes.

Some elements of a smart home may require significant investment with long-term rewards.
Others are simple, affordable, and can impact your home now. Making small changes to your home’s functionality can help you embrace the larger ones to come, and enjoy the potential savings that add up.

Bishop Site Services is here to expertly guide you on your home automation path.